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VAY Trade provides premium quality of inspection services with a professional mission of “Trade With Confidence”. Multiple tasks of inspection are processing including; palletizing, checking goods` reliability, auditing, testing, certification, labeling and ticketing, loading capacity, containers loading and packing and packaging. In addition, control inspection, insurance compliance and packaging security are processed in hybrid technologies. Global inspection service is set to ensure excellent safety, excellent quality of our goods and products, reasonable service charges that meet customers` satisfaction. Further, verification and testing services are included to reduce risk and ensure quality and accuracy as well. Whatever your business model is, VAY Trade meets your full trust towards its inspection service based on legal international and local obligations and our clients` expectations as well. Comprehensive staff of inspection services is applicable to control quality and quantity in pursuit of being able to withstand regulatory requirements across Turkey and the whole world. Full inspection services international process is guaranteed including; pre-production inspection, during production inspection and pre-shipment inspection.





Great opportunities for international and local traders are available at  VAY Trade. Competitive advantages, quick risk management based on well-prepared logistics strategies are provided for our clients. We also provide transportation services for companies, including air, land, and sea freight. According to the air freight section, it includes express & standard services, on and pre- carriage, exhibition services, dangerous goods, intermodal & multimodal, full charter and insurance. Meanwhile, the land freight section seeks to ensure packaging “dangerous goods and general cargo”, customs clearance, and temperature control too. Furthermore, ocean freight covers full container load “FCL”, less than container load “LCL”, port to port, door to door, and both full and part charters. VAY Trade provides international logistics solutions as the warehousing section takes into consideration customs management, e-commerce, and added value services, insurance, labeling and packaging. Covering a wide range of global logistics services takes into account all customs features such as duty and VAT formalities, temporary import, letter of credit, tariff calculations and standards services.




We at VAY Trade design a special trade feature for our customers as they can import different products in one MIX container. In international trade, mix container load is defined as a container load with different articles in a single consignment. Thus, the order list of original and multiple high-quality products is collected here to be ready for shipping processes. Small orders from our clients are combined into one container, saving us money that we then pass along to them. As a result, you are able to send your goods for the same price as full container imports. By choosing a mixed container service, you will have. For instance, Greater Product Safety because, unlike in LCL, the goods are carefully loaded into the container. Furthermore, Price Bargain; when you place an order, we will present you with EXW,FOB, CFR, or CIF prices that include all costs, including travel from the factory to your destination port, export customs clearance, and other documentation fees. Finally, Zero Hidden Costs – unlike LCL where the shipping company is a rip-off, we provide you a price up front with no room for adjustment. Directly, add all of your selected products in one ideal mix container




It is time to launch your own private label across the world. Better support and perfect analytics where VAY Trade provides; will take your brand over expectations in its reliable quick sales. To enhance your private-label brand compete with well-known national brands and foster stronger brand loyalty among consumers, VAY Trade offers. You and your suppliers may comply with local, national, and international safety and quality laws with the aid of VAY Trade's private label testing and analysis services. Our sector knowledge and experience may help you differentiate yourself from rivals, enhance the customer experience with your products, increase product ratings, control expenses associated with product development, and improve quality. VAY Trade is the ideal third-party manufacturer for your private label wholesalers. Our private label wholesalers ensure: dependable compliance testing, testing for regulatory compliance, performance evaluation, claims validation, label analyses, stability and longevity, CAPA management and product specification development, consumer research, focus groups, sensory testing, and protocol creation. We can reduce risk and position your items competitively in the market.




Full container loads offer dependable, secure, and economical door-to-door global transportation. VAY Trade provides specialized solutions for all types of commodities by utilizing a variety of equipment types. Containers are already packed and all set and ready to be shipped to you. The sizes of these containers as well as their packing list are pre-determined and cannot be changed. To know more about this type of container, contact our experts. Up-normal reliability and endless flexibility are provided by our expert teams. In addition, an efficient, safe, and affordable method of sending merchandise abroad is affordable. No matter where your destination is around the world, enjoy shipping a complete full container load from or where it needs to go. VAY Trade totally does take care of the most efficient routes at the most affordable prices whether port to port, door to door, or business to business. We provide full container load (FCL) delivery services that are flexible and can be tailored to fit into your supply chain whichever best meets your business needs. In full container service, various benefits will be gained, including; affordable prices, high requirements for quality, availability of space and equipment during the busiest times, extraordinary punctuality, sustainable approaches, flexible sailing schedules and ecologically sound solutions.


VIP VAY Trade:


Directly, reach the top business through joining VIP VAY Trade. We arrange visits for you to our offices in Turkey as well as make it possible for you to enjoy live international trade and check with the suppliers as well as check the products in person. Our international VIP service includes; welcoming & picking customers at airports, hotel residency booking, and business tours as follows:

 - Airport Pickup: Now with VAY Trade’s VIP services, you don’t have to worry about arranging transportation whether it’s from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the trading site, or from the hotel back to the airport. We will take care of all your rides for you starting from the second you arrive in Istanbul to the second we drop you off at the airport. 

- Hotel Booking: With VAY Trade’s VIP services, you don’t have to worry about looking for the best hotel, or the closest hotel to the area you’re visiting. VAY Trade will not only take care of your transportation, but we will also ensure that you get the best hotel in the most convenient location. 

- Business Tour: Only with VAY Trade’s VIP services, we will make it possible for you to do live trading and for you to meet the suppliers as well as see your supplies and check them in person with maximum comfort and much ease.





Everlasting set of Turkish goods and products is provided by VAY Trade B2B Buy For Me. Due to our wide range of available products, we can ensure your order list online. Whatever the products you seek to obtain worldwide, VAY Trade guides you to reach your business goals. Furthermore, your order list will be thoroughly examined by our quality control staff to ensure that they adhere to your request. The goal of our quality control team is to inspect every purchase as soon as it enters our facility. Basically, you will fill an application to set up your shopping list and its details. Then, you need to finalize your order to be under progress. B2B Buy For Me is the easiest way to increase your revenues, differentiate your products, emerge the international market, and get your order list directly online. The dependability you require and the sufficiency you demand are our top priorities. B2B Buy For Me seeks to make online shopping as simple and comfortable as possible for traders around the world. It serves as your one-stop store for internet purchases.




Get the most recent and trending discounts among Hot Deals. The best trade deals are set targeting multiple categories including; homes and appliances, furniture, toys and gifts, personal and health care, fashion and textile and shoes and bags. VAY Trade is a global supply chain which exports and imports based on e-commerce international processes. We provide our clients with all global wholesales products taking into consideration the international shipping and global delivery as well. Direct shipment, different logistics services, and on-time delivery are affordable. You can find all the money- saving deals, discounts, and promotional codes you need to get the hottest products for the lowest prices. The top quality of products can be integrated under HOT DEALS scale. Endless choices will be visible for our clients locally and internationally as well. Worldwide suppliers can directly reach us and get our HOT DEALS for attractive trade offers and new loyal customers traffic chain as well.



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