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About Us


VAY Trade is the first B2B fulfillment center in the world E-commerce marketplace in Turkey. Our company was founded in 2019 by Hosni Dami. VAY Trade was initially a traditional trading company that later on became an E-commerce trading company. VAY Trade currently works on shipping high-quality products manufactured in Turkey to all around the world. Our company currently works with 4 continents and over 30 countries including Canada, Germany, Russia, the USA, and more. Even though we currently only work with products manufactured in Turkey, our mission is to sooner or later work with products all around the world.



World Wide Safe Trading in VAY Trade, we aspire to make the wholesale business experience an easy and comfortable way as well as secure trading for all our customers. Our team of experts constructed an A-Z plan that will change the wholesale experience for you once and for all. We care about our customers’ maximum comfort. Our customers can deal with one supplier no matter the amounts or types of products. Our customers will also only need to deal with one source to finish the trade, shipping, and customs process. We also have live tracking and status updates for every shipment on our website. We ship high-quality food, medical, machines, textile, home appliances, and many more premium and high-quality products manufactured all over the world, especially in Turkey.We offer the best prices in terms of factory prices for products and the best possible deals on the sea, air and land freights from anywhere to everywhere. We have highly responsive and committed customer care services at all phases of trade levels.

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