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B2B E-commerce - Business to Business E-commerce

Business to Business E-commerce


Business-to-business electronic commerce, or as we all know, B2B e-commerce, can be defined as the sale of goods or services through the use of online business-to-business transactions.


Larger transaction amounts, educated customers, a multi-stakeholder approval process, and a consequently lengthier sales cycle are characteristics of business-to-business (B2B) sales. It is typically used to increase the efficacy and efficiency of a company's sales operations. Orders are received digitally, which lowers overhead expenses as opposed to being handled manually by sales representatives utilizing human resources (telephone or email).



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At first, B2C and B2B may look similar, but in reality, they are different from each other. B2B purchasers plan purchases and make recurrent purchases, whereas B2C customers will buy on impulse and make one-time purchases. According to statistics, the B2B e-commerce market is six times more valuable than the B2C market. Trust is an important feature both in B2B and B2C. For B2B, interactions between companies operate differently and they are long-term based. Therefore, for B2B, trust is vital. As for Turkey’s B2B ecommerce, Turkey is the 18th-largest market for online shopping, and when it comes to B2B portals, Vay Trade has a special and irreplaceable B2B business with the motto "Trade with confidence." Vay Trade is trying to build an establishment that is based on trust only. As Siva Devaki says, "Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating."


Nowadays, B2B ecommerce is an indispensable investment in digital platforms. The reason we say this is that B2B ecommerce is the world’s rapidly growing business advantage. The most important step in starting B2B e-commerce is to design a website that is simple and effective. B2B buyers are looking for three things in particular: first, detailed information that is easily accessible. On our website,, all the products can be found with their detailed information. Second, most buyers prefer to find a salesperson to speak with during their research. The third one is that B2B buyers always look for rational pre-set criteria. To be successful in B2B sales, a company should research and know the prospects of potential customers.


Confidence is the key to being successful in B2B sales. Manufacturers are not wholesalers. Distributing the finished goods is their line of work. They get products from producers in large quantities at a discount, which they then sell to traders. When traders buy in bulk from wholesalers, wholesalers also provide cost reductions to traders, and as Vay Trade, our job is to deliver items from manufacturers to the whole world. website can be visited to Trade With Confidence and to get more information about B2B.


In conclusion, business-to-business refers to business that is conducted between companies rather than between a company and an individual consumer. B2B ecommerce is an opportunity to sell services and products to other businesses to help their companies continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Also, creating a simple and easy-to-navigate website that runs smoothly is always a must.

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